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Build UI

Covering a range of APIs from the Jetpack Compose framework, learn how to build User Interfaces for a collection of common UI patterns. The 12 projects cover all the essentials you'll need to building beautiful UIs in your own work ✨

Manage State

Building UI is one thing, but knowing how to manage your UI state is just as essential! Through the projects, learn how to work with composable state to keep your UI fresh with any data changes. All 12 projects read and write state based on user-input, covering a good ground of state management concepts 🙌

Test UI

Once you can build UI, writing automated tests for your UI means that you'll be able to automatically catch any UI regressions. We'll write tests for all 12 projects, giving you the knowledge to catch any issues when making changes to your code 🤖

Join the beta release and get access to the course at a reduced price! You'll get the first 9 projects now, with the others over the coming months at no additional cost.

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If I buy the beta, do I have to pay for future projects?

Nope! Buying the beta will give you complete and free access to the remaining projects in the course. I setup the beta as a way to offer the project at a reduced price and to fund the work I'm doing here.

When will the price go up?

As more of the 12 projects are finished and released, the price will increase closer to the full price outlined in the pricing table. So the sooner you buy the course, the cheaper you'll get the complete course for.

The price is not affordable for my country, can I get a discount?

Totally! I want this to be accessible to everyone - please send an email to, or message us on twitter @composeacademy and we'll send you over a discount code 😊

If I buy the beta ebook, can I upgrade to the Deep Dive Bundle?

Yes! Currently the video course is not available, but if you purchase the Essentials (eBook) beta version then you'll be eligible for a reduced price Deep Dive Bundle when it becomes available. This will be applied via the use of a discount code to the email you purchased the course with.

Will the course and project be kept up-to-date?

The project will be updated for this version of the course if there are any breaking issues or bugs that occur, but the release of this version of the course is only valid for Jetpack Compose v1.1. The project will not be updated to version Jetpack Compose 1.2.0 until there is a version 2 of this course released.

I purchased the beta release, when can I expect the finished release?

There is currently no set date for the finalised version, but you can expect it in summer 2022. The remaining chapters will be released as and when they are finished - which will likely be every 3-4 weeks. I work on this course as a side-project and with life commitments, hard dates aren’t easy to lay out.

I'm not happy with my purchase, can I get a refund?

If you purchased this course and it’s not quite what you had expected, you can get a full refund within 72 hours of your purchase date. No questions asked!

Can I use the code from this course in my own projects?

Both the code from the projects and the code samples in this book comes with the Apache License 2.0. Please be sure to read these licenses if you are going to be taking the code into some of your own projects!

Any more questions?

If you have any further questions on this course, please check the website to see if they’ve already been answered. Otherwise, please feel free to reach out at

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  • Build 12 independent projects, interacting with a vast range of essential Compose APIs.

  • Build 12 independent projects, interacting with a vast range of essential Compose APIs.


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Practical Jetpack Compose (beta)

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